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Extremely costly removal and replacement, covering up with paint or tiles which have poor long term durability, or just living with it, are no longer the only options available for the homeowner with weathered, deteriorated concrete surfaces on their propery.

Whether you're in Toronto or the GTA, Endura concrete resurfacing can restore old, deteriorated concrete surfaces into beautiful new flooring with unmatched durability.

Polymer cement overlays are unmatched for cost effectiveness and long term durability when compared to other concrete resurfacing options.  Well established in the commercial/industrial sector for over 20 years, their performance in the harshest conditions has been proven without doubt.

Endura concrete resurfacing utilizes the JEWELSTONE(Jewel Stone) line of products for our overlay systems.  We are certified JEWELSTONE installers and are trained in the latest techniques and application methods for these products.  Originally developed as a cost effective way to restore the surface integrity to damaged or deteriorated concrete, JEWELSTONE has matured into a line of products that offer the look of real stone along with higher durability and lower cost.

Particularly important for long term durability, owing to our harsh Canadian winters,  are the resistance of polymer cement overlays to attacks from the freeze thaw cycle.  Resurfacing of porches with either tiles or real stone is very popular, however, there is a critical flaw with installing these types of products in a freeze thaw environment.  When water or moisture eventually gets under the tiles or stone, usually through the grout lines, the material will soon start lifting up and the bond will be broken.  A properly prepped polymer cement overlay is not susceptible to this condition as the technical characteristics of the product assures that the bond between the overlay and the concrete surface can not be compromised under any circumstances.

Polymer overlays also outperform stamped concrete in terms of durability as their polymer matrix enables them to have over 7000psi compressive strength, almost 2X greater strength than that of stamped concrete.  Basically, a polymer cement overlay is tougher than the concrete surface it is being placed upon.

Front porches, verandas, swimming pool decks, garage and basement floors and concrete driveways can all be resurfaced to give a realistic and extremely durable faux stone look by Endura concrete resurfacing.

The colour and design possibilites are truly limitless.  After approval for design and colour by the homeowner, the work time for a standard front porch is usually 3 to 4 days.  Initial work is on preparing the concrete surface by repairing cracks and a thorough cleaning.   High pressure washing and/or light surface grinding assure maximum chemical and mechanical bond of the overlay to the concrete surface.  A base coat is then applied and is allowed to cure for a minimum of 12 hours.  The top, or design, coat is then applied which will incorporate the colour and design combinations requested by the homeowner.  This design coat is also allowed to cure for a minimum of 12 hours.  Finally, a high quality concrete specific sealer with in integral anti slip agent is applied to the finished product.   For applications where there is to be no design, all procedures are the same as above,  with the exception that one coat would be applied, as opposed to two.


The total surface height difference from original is approximately half inch. 






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