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Endura concrete provides concrete resurfacing services in Toronto and the GTA.  We install polymer cement overlays on old, damaged concrete to give the look of real stone at a fraction of the cost.


Do you have a weathered, stained or cracked front porch/veranda or pool deck at your home.  Would you like to beautify them but are worried about long term durability and cost?

We have the solution.  Resurface them with polymer cement overlays.


Endura concrete resurfacing offers concrete overlays for homeowners in the Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hil, Woodbridge and the GTA.  With the use of polymer cement overlays(PCO's), old, deteriorated concrete can be resurfaced with greater durability and strength than before.  Our overlays are inherently tougher and more durable than the concrete they are placed on.


Endura concrete resurfacing uses the JEWELSTONE(Jewel Stone) line of products as they utilitze the latest technology to give unsurpassed durability and design versatility.  As certified JEWELSTONE installers, we have the knowledge and experience to make your project beautiful, unique, durable and extremely cost effective.


The design and colour combinations are limitless, allowing us to give your front porch, veranda, garage floor, basement floor or swimming pool deck the look of real stone at a fraction of the cost.

We have helped homeowners add real value back into their properties with expert cement overlay installations.  Whatever the area involved, we can turn plain old concrete into a masterpiece of design.


Old, deteriorated concrete surfaces now have a cost effective and extremely durable solution for restoring and beautifying.  Endura concrete resurfacing can give you a durable, unique overlay system that will look great for years and add inherent value to your home. 

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