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Endura concrete resurfacing DOES NOT install stamped concrete, also known as patterned or imprinted concrete.  We do, however, offer sealing and repair services for homeowners that have had stamped concrete installed on their property.

Stamped concrete sealing and repair services by Endura concrete resurfacing are available for homeowners in Toronto and the GTA.

Stamped concrete is basically concrete that is placed, colour being integral or dry broadcast on top, and then stamped with large rubber impression mats that make it mimic the look of natural stone.  It is, structurally, a very durable product, as properly placed and formed concrete should be.

There is one very important factor to preserving the 'look' of stamped concrete, however.  Regular sealing with a concrete sealer.

Although there usually won't be any effect structurally, the visual presence of the product will be affected with damage in the form of pitting, scaling, chipping and the fading of colours.

Stamped concrete is purchased as much for it's looks as it is for it's durability.  And it defeats the purpose of paying the extra cost for it, compared to regular concrete, in the first place if the 'look' is gone soon after due to a lack of maintenance.

Regular resealing with a concrete specific sealer is required every 2 to 3 years for stamped concrete driveways and front walkways.  This schedule is necessary because of the widespread use of salt as a deicer by the municipalities.  Salt will get tracked in on to your driveway all winter long and will mercilessly attack the concrete and sealer.  For patios, the sealing schedule can easily be stretched out to every 3 to 4 years as there are no salt issues with back patios in residential applications.

Sealing must be done the day after powerwashing the stamped concrete surface as there cannot be any moisture left on the surface or in the cut lines of the stamped concrete slab.  Moisture that has remained will show up as white spots or a white haze after the sealer dries.

Efflorescence is a trail of white lines coming off of porch step faces and overhangs and is the residue of hard water deposits from water seeping out from underneath the stamped concrete.  It can happen with stamped concrete and, unfortunately, there really is no fix for it.  The stains, however, can usually be removed with high pressure washing or a mild acid solution sprayed on and agitated with a stiff brush.

Bubbles can appear after sealing if the resealing was performed under any one of these conditions.  A very hot day with temperatures over 35C.  A high UV rating on the day of sealing.  High humidity also causes bubbling of the sealer.  Sealer should be applied in multiple light coats instead of one heavy coat to promote maximum bond with the stamped concrete and allow plenty of time for the carrier to evaporate completely and not get trapped under multiple layers of sealer.

Endura concrete resurfacing uses a high quality, concrete specific sealer that is designed specifically with Canadian conditions in mind.  The highest quality resins available are used and there is an integral anti-slip agent mixed in with the sealer during production.  It costs us more to use this product but the results are unmatched durability and excellent traction in low grip and winter conditions.

Endura concrete resurfacing can use tinted sealer to either improve the original faded colour of the stamped concrete surface or, if you  just want to change it and want something different, we can premix different colours and tints into the sealer to completely change the appearance of the slab.

Stamped conrete repairs such as flaking, pitting, chipping, crazing and cracks can all be successfully repaired by Endura concrete resurfacing to make your stamped concrete driveway or patio look as good as new again.  Compared to the cost of removal and replacement, our stamped concrete repair systems are very cost effective and extremely durable.

For stamped concrete sealing we can easily give a quote through e-mail with just some basic dimensions of the area involved and the last time it was sealed. 

For stamped concrete repairs, we will need to look at the condition of the concrete slab to assess the extent of the damage and recommend the best course of action to restore it.

For further information on stamped concrete repairs and sealing visit our dedicated stamped concrete site at


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